i have tried to contact you but never answered i had a teal sparkle time fedora scammed by a user by 9ma hes banned but i was wondering if theres anyway to get my fedora as it was my birthday present Trade with 9ma was completed! ITEMS YOU GAVE Value: RBX232637 Teal Sparkle Time Fedora Item Image Avg.

Price:RBX232637 Orig. Price:RBX50000 Serial # : 83/100 https://gyazo.com/2b93aaddd57143611cea5a092c777e73 thats a screen shot this is the item i got scammed please help me some how cause i have no limits now and this my only birthday present please help me ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mama_maddy has this hat is number 83 i found this on rbx.rocks and i saw it with roblox+ From WebeRaidin Email: Supreamyslays@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Roblox Roblox Video Game.

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