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My ROBLOX account was hacked MULTIPLE times throughout my experience with them. The first time or two a few years back were my fault, I was a child and didn't know anything about security.

The most recent ones, however, were not. I had secure passwords that weren't used on other sites, and it was still hacked. My account was Lifetime OBC and also had a fair amount of Robux. I verified it with my new email, as I lost my old one I had as a child, after a *** a few months back.

At that time I also used my Phone Number to verify. The hacker was allowed to change my email, verify it, remove my phone number and everything; all without my receiving a single email about any of it. There has been money spent on the account, thus I am extremely pissed.

Support is pretty much saying a big *** you. LikeLike

Product or Service Mentioned: Roblox Account.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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When you were a child they also told you to "get back up on there" if you fell off your bicycle or a horse or maybe even just a swingset. But that advice no longer here in your new adult world, think : Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me... (HINT) Whatever else, please do not return to that website for any reason.

to Anonymous #1520842

It would be a shame on me if it weren't for the fact this time there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. Roblox just has no decent security measures, such as not even requiring an email verification from the previous email and/or giving a notification on said email.

It wasn't my money, it was my grandparents they spent when I was around 12. Me being 19 now, I did have a few previous friends I made that were still semi-active, and was saving up Robux to use the DevEX Cashout.

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