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Free Robux

Can I Have 3k ROBUX? My Username For ROBLOX Is "chugh3robuaccount"

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Hi Roblox I got some rubux and paid then the rubux did not come and my user is Boysteamaka and display name is beluga
Nope, get a job and make money. You don't need robux, you need personality and never ask again •___•
Hi.My daughter receive a scratch ROBLOX,and when she try to scratch the pin she couldn’t see all the pin,what can I do
@Gennie War Stuur een e-mail naar roblox en vraag voor de code (je moet het bewijs hebben dat je m hebt gekocht het bonnetje waar op staat dat hij geactiveerd is)
@Gennie War 1st: You're dumb, PIN is really secure even the owners of the game needs to censore the PIN so no one in person can't steal her.
Can I have infinite robux My user name is starsfabc please put it in my Account and thanks for the robux
YESS OFC YOU CANNN I WILL GIVE YOU A,, YOU WISH FOR 100000****000000000000000000000000000000 DOLLARAS NOW!
If it were so that u were the only person that got robuxs others will get jealous and start asking the same question as well. Amd of roblox gave you robux and not anyone else the players with become angry and rival against the favoritism. Hopefully that answers you question.
@PissedConsumer2152632 CAN I HAVE ROBUX MY USER NAME IS MENDELO123 AND MY PASWORD IS 1928%JJ*****929 thank you my name is Announce
hello roblox developers. Lately I can't log into my account.Nick cat_09166 password was 890******** just answer that you can return or not
Hi my account got deleted and I didn’t do anything wrong and I want my Account back .so do you think you can help me?
I need 100000 robux plssss breast 999999 plssss i want 5k robux on my manuel25009 account please if possible
hi i was i have100k robux GIVE IT BACK MY USSER NAME IS ninjaraffi2010 give my robux today plsssssss
My account has been hacked or something and it’s saying incorrect password our username and for some reason I don’t know what I did wrong but please I’m begging to have it back I won’t do nothing bad I didn’t if I did it might’ve been my sibling
Can I have roebucks my account name is Joselynheavener24 and I really need to Roblox because one of my outfits won’t let me put it on and I spent roebucks
Can you activate my account please my user is Xxpro_gamerhunter Password is 123456****011 please I rlly wanna play Roblox again and ty
Me I got banned for no reason to I don’t why but the girls name is amber and the others are helping she was false reporting!!!!! ROBLOX if your reading this unban my account please
@Lucillie Xkb I know that idiot amber! Same thing happened to me! She ganged up on me with all her bis friends! This is wrong on so many levels! Lucille and I need justice!
@Lucillie Xkb Same happened to me I got accused of not liking gays but that was wrong because in gacha I was gay and there was this boy that was making fun of me for being gay and hitting me yet I got banned
Can you get my account back I have been trying to log in my account and it won’t let me so probably mean I got *** I tryed everything. Can you help me? My username is “karma_isyourfate”
@Kamran A Qkj Did you roblox account i have email? If it did go click i forget pass . You get back account.. I hope work
I want 10,00000 rubox please can i have rubox on my acout i never had rubox i tryied to get rubox but i didnt get it i dont no how to get rubox plz can i have rubox my acout is Adoptmeonwe
can i have 100K Robux and my account is coolkid51savior its also for my sisters they also have no Robux
@Eduardo A Ozc If you don’t know robux prices are very high so giving out robux is a no don’t ask for robux unless you are willing to pay
Your just feeding them what they want, The Company is greedy it use to be fun I'm actually glad I left. There is more games for people to play, Roblox went down hill this goes to anyone who actually reads comments. I've played Roblox since 2008, I was hacked in the beginning of this year.
Can i have 3k roblox my username for ROBLOX is soterko1
@Saysay Q Stop sending Roblox requests to get free robux, they won't give you. Your just adding more customer care tickets onto the already enormous pile of them, there are people that actually need roblox's help for maybe a hacked account or unathourized charges to their card. So please stop sending requests for free robux.
Hello I don’t know my password for my account I can’t get back in for my username lizzygaming5637 I really need to get back in my account so pls gmail Mel pls
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How can I get my account back !

Sophie S Mlf

So I don’t know why my account has been banned is it because that something has happened in bloxburg if it’s happend in it beacause honeybees3435 and I were taking a lil food from someone’s hotel we thought this was fun and games this princess girl came up and YELLED at us. Because we were having fun joking around then this has happened.

If there’s anyway I can PLSS possibly get my acc back on roblox please tell me how because I’m really worried I was crying for a fair amount of time.I just hope my Robux avatar is there my bloxburg house is there JUST PLEASE. I get that we could of had a tiny fight .and because me and honeybees3435 know each other we were on a call and that’s we’re it all stared from getting an idea of stealing food I’m so soo soooo sorry for what has happen pls I would really like give it 5 stars if I can get it back pls and bye the way idk I didn’t tell u I’m SKSheather2021sh

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Hello I would like more info on how to become a roblox developer

Allie R Vtp

I would like to know more less how would I start to become a roblox developer, also would I need to join a group or something? What would also be a great computer to use for a developer?

0 answers

How I can cancel my membership?

Michael S Swm

I need to cancel a membership and I don’t have access to the game because my son doesn’t remember the password and there is no access by email or reset the password or anything. How I can cancel it ?

0 answers

*** can I get code from gift card

Juan P Eoq

I accidentally scratched off code from gift card how can I recover the numeric code on the gift card

0 answers

How to get gift card code

Juan P Eoq

Gift card number scratched off incorrectly, there for I cannot see the code to activate my gift card

0 answers

I can Fins my Roblox account

Widjai H

Dear sir/ madam I cant find (my Sons )username anymore, Arjun0601 Can you please help us to find out whats going on. Best regards, W.harnam

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Account Issues

Maeona T

Maeonaomg1smom will not work right. Sometimes it loads up but when it does you can never play a game because the games never load.

Sometimes the app don't even load.

I don't know why it's doing this please help. Please help

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How can I get my password back?

Sylvia M Sbu

So my sister can’t log into her roblox account because she forgot the password and we can’t reset it because the email she used is completely lost. How can we get back in her account?

0 answers

appraisal? You Hi trying to get into my Roblox account and they changed my password

Jenny B Lrd

Logged me out .. Hi trying to get into my Roblox account and they changed my password…they changed my password on me .

Use to be simple. R you able to to help

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Need to recover my account

Sully R

Username is Nothing2u37d. I forgot what email I used for this account.

I probably don’t have that email anymore. I need to recover this account my son put a lot of work on his account

0 answers

My id for voice chat won’t work

Cameron W Yea

I tried and tried to get my id to work so I can use voice chat. But for some reason it won’t read my id and says error. Please help me.

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How to delete report

Bibi Z

So I kinda sorta report farhanboss9999 because that’s my account and my cousin took the account so I report it i didn’t know it would ban him so I need to delete the report

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I can not get into my roblox account

Jordab R

I tried to get on roblox after 2 days and it would not allow me to login and I keeped saying password changed. I have had my roblox account since 2017 to now.

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I forgot my password to my first Roblox account how do I get it back

Bryce M Jkt

So I was trying to link my Roblox account to my iPad from my phone and it told me to log out of my account and it told me to put my email in so I could get it back I did but I accidentally forgot to put 1 thing in my email and it logged out and I can’t get it back I don’t remember my password I got 3 more but then it kicked me out of those and every time I try to put my email or phone number in it says it is on another account I need my first account back my username was Sbmcree I just don’t know my password and my avatar had blue hair please help me

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I am sorry but can I get 700 robux plz my family is struggling and they can’t get me robux but all I want is 700 plz

Christian E Ecz

My parents don’t want to give robux because of gas prices and inflation ya know and my family is struggling due to gas prices and inflation

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How can I get my refund on my gift card

Addison J Uyt

I went to put in the code and I accidentally pressed redeem and I did not see the thing that said put robux on account and I press redeem now I can't do it is there a way you can fix it

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How can recover my account

Diamela A

The account was deleted accidentally …I need to recover my account Narutocabrera_123, I hope you can do something

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How can I get the password to my old account

Lauren A Xeg

Me and my older cousin swapped accounts in 2019-**** and the account I gave her she shared with a friend I forgot the password and the account is now abandoned and it had robux on it and alright clothes the account name is ch8ll

0 answers

I just want the PIN number so my daughter can use it

Brandon E Nkk

Unable to read the pin I just purchased the ROBLOX 25 two days ago… the number on bottom right is 1398087****.. my purchase receipt number is 07993669****

0 answers
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