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      Roblox - Want free robux 1000000

      I really need it I want this game so bad

      Roblox - Account theft

      Hi,My sons account was hacked his password was changed . This happened 8/14/2018 around 9pm. As soon as it happened i email Roblox . I do not remember if I linked a email address it has been so long since making his account. However his Apple ID used for purchases is hellokittygirl@gmail.com and I can send proof of purchases made through my bank statement or even give my card info to you guys. I really hope this can be resolved I spend over a thousand on that game and would hate to lose all that money . My sons username is haloboy562 password {{Redacted}}

      Roblox - I was unfairly banned

      After a decided to go into clothe creating for Roblox and see if I can make a bit of robux I uploaded something a bit spicier for Dragon Ball Z fans and guess what.I was banned.Keep in mind that no nudity was involved in the picture and no inappropriate images either.The ban was 3 days long so I decided to contact Support and apologise to see if it can be removed.After 2 days of waiting they finally came back to be with a response saying : "Kathy, Jan 10, 9:25 PM EST: Hello, Thank you for contacting us about this issue. Your account was correctly banned for uploading an image with inappropriate content. The penalty for this offense will not be changed. Please review the Roblox Community Rules to avoid future moderation actions on your account. Keep in mind that severe or repeated offenses may result in a harsher penalty on your account, up to and including its permanent deletion. Sincerely, Kathy Appeals Roblox" So I decided to log into my account and see what is going on and guess what,they changed the ban into a permanent one.Just like that.For no reason and without provokation.This is the message I get when I try to log into my account : "Account Deleted Our content monitors have determined that your behavior at Roblox has been in violation of our Terms of Service. Reviewed: 1/10/2018 8:24:39 PM Moderator Note: Your account has been deleted for violation of the Roblox TOS. Your account has been terminated. If you wish to appeal, please send an email to appeals@roblox.com. Logout" How is that remotely fair?I tried calling them but their dumb automated system won't let me talk with someone and figure this out...This is just frustrating...I've spent so much money and weeks upon weeks of time on that account and I lose it just like that.For 1 mistake...I honestly hope you guys can help me out.I am NOT going to accept this.I e-mailed them again and if they won't undo it then I will be pressing charges because this is totally unfair.