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i called you guys about it but need my account back it was zooingcar34@yahoo.com i am the owner and my name is joshua josiah valbert and my roblox account is zooingcar34 and this guy called jocker is hacking in to my email his email is joker223219@gmail.com he also put a pin on my account so i cant login him out can you guys and girl help me to get my account back i am 18 and i had this account since I was 13 or 12 so thi account means a lot to me you can also call me my phone number is 417-256-5551 and i tryed emailing you guys and girls but i am not sure it work but i need your help!!!!! also i am sending you a pic of my my driver's license so you know it's me I also have my Roblox account linked with my Facebook account i am also sending you pics of the email change that he did and the pin lock that he did right now he can change the email of the account so i need you help ASAP!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Roblox Account.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I got hacke today and I want my account back pls pls help me get my account pls


Omg same thing here I need my acount back I will go Che him out and try to say something My acount name is cottoncandy_forever can someone help me out to?


ROBLOX DELETE ALL scary pictures because people are getting scared and CREEPED! OUT and ban all hackers

to Zookie67 #1501823

I was hacked they all should get banned

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