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i bought rubux but when i paid for it it said you have go your robux but when i checked i didn't have any robux i pais for $100 dollars for 3k rubux so i tried again but i still did not have any rub so then i tried 5 more times on the last try i only go 4 rubux and i was BRUH I JUST WASTED ALOT OF MONEY FOR NO EXACT RESON so then my friend tried and she got it easily and then i tried one more time and only go 1 rubux UGH.THEN MY MOM BOUGHT IT WITH HER CREDIT CARD(sorry caps)then my mom wasted 100 dollars and did it work uhh NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Roblox Roblox Video Game.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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my father just bought me 400 robux yesterday but when i checked my account i still don't have robux it was supposed to be a award for me:( my father just wasted his money:(


Dude I bought Roblox for my son for his birthday and I didn’t get anything either

@Matt Yaz

I also have receipt and the card still from Walmart And the one I bought before this I don’t have it anymore but still that’s too much and this is all my son wanted for his birthday tomorrow and what now I read the post of everyone in I guess my soon to be 7 year old son will be disappointed


same. roedbloxk big lesbieeennnnnn lololololololoololololololololoollololololoololloololololol.




I had to pay 10$ and I GOT nothing in return u are scam people don't pay this app if u don't want to get scammed




Deez nuts happended




same i had 1 robux left and I bought 400 now I ahve 0


even for me


This sounds like total ***


It’s all a scam quit playing


i have the same problem my dad bought me robux anyway to fix this?


Yeah I’ve emailed them like 5 times and they won’t refund me ... 20$ wasted


I have the same problem but i only get zero robux when i buy is so i basically cant get robux


yea its a scam ug this is bulls


literally just contact customer support and considering that you’re definitely not a fraud, a receipt has gone to your email, the one you entered show them this through a screenshot wait a maximum of five minutes film a vid of you refreshing the page to no robux send these then they will take action, otherwise you can **legally take them to court** because you’re not a fraud I hope.


longer sentence than I anticipated hehe


robux purchased but did not show on my account. Keep emailing them and providing every piece of information they have qsked for and in the end they have completely shrugged off my complaint and no resolution.

They just took my money and thats it.

Is there any legal action that can be taken. This seems to be a common occurance

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